The Rehab Hotline
West Virginia Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Helplines

West Virginia Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Helplines

In the United States, substance abuse is a critical health concern, with West Virginia facing its own significant challenges. According to the CDC, this year 10.84% of the state's population have used illegal drugs within the past month. In 2021, overdose fatalities reached a total of 1,501 individuals. Statistics for the previous year are still pending.

Addiction's hold extends beyond West Virginia to encompass the entire nation. Help is available, however. Presented below are three no-cost resources for residents of West Virginia struggling with substance abuse issues. Recognizing addiction as a disease is the first step towards recovery, and taking action to assist oneself initiates this process. Our goal is to support you in this journey.

Assistance for Substance Abuse in West Virginia

Residents of West Virginia can access support for substance abuse issues around the clock through a dedicated hotline. This service, which is confidential and offered at no cost, is reachable at (888) 515-2778. It provides a direct line to experienced advisors ready to offer support and guidance. For additional information and resources, visit the online portal. Assistance is available immediately.


The Department of Health and Human Resources sponsors Help4WV, a helpline that operates around the clock and is both free and confidential, serving all residents of West Virginia. For assistance with mental health or substance abuse concerns, you can contact a helpline specialist by calling or texting 1-844-435-7498. To learn more about the resources available, visit the website.

ATLAS by Shatterproof

In partnership with Shatterproof, West Virginia joins eight other states in providing ATLAS. This platform, also known as Addiction Treatment Locator, Assessment, and Standards Platform, helps individuals find suitable treatment options. To explore services or take an assessment online, click here. For general information about Shatterproof's offerings, please call 800-597-2557.

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