The Rehab Hotline
Vermont Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Hotlines

Vermont Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Hotlines

In the United States, the challenge of substance abuse is widespread, and Vermont has not been spared. The state considers substance abuse a significant health issue. According to the CDC, this year, 21.7% of Vermont's population admitted to using illegal drugs in the past month. In 2021, overdose fatalities reached a total of 252 individuals in the state. Data for the previous year is still pending.

Addiction's hold extends across America, not just within Vermont's borders. However, residents have access to support. Presented here are three no-cost resources for those facing substance abuse in Vermont. Recognizing addiction as a disease is the first step toward recovery; taking action to help oneself is where healing starts. Our goal is to support that journey.

Assistance for Substance Abuse in Vermont

The hotline for addiction issues in Vermont operates around the clock, offering no-cost, confidential support. Dial (888) 515-2778 at any hour for a connection to a professional ready to provide aid. For additional resources and information, visit the online portal. Assistance is readily available.

VT Helplink

The Vermont Helplink, with partial sponsorship from the state's Department of Health, provides a vital link for residents seeking services. They can do so confidentially and without cost. To speak with a specialist who has received training, dial 802-565-5465, or to learn more, visit their site.


Headrest has been serving the community since 1971 as a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals impacted by substance use disorder. They offer support during crises and provide effective programs and treatments. This commitment is outlined on their official page. For additional details, you're encouraged to call 603-448-4872.

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