The Rehab Hotline
Texas Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Hotlines

Texas Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Hotlines

In the United States, addiction is a critical health issue, with Texas experiencing its fair share of challenges. According to the CDC, 8.94% of Texans have used illegal drugs within the past month. In 2021, drug overdoses claimed the lives of 4,984 individuals in the state. Figures for the previous year are not yet published.

While addiction's impact is widespread across America, Texans have access to no-cost resources for combating substance abuse. Presented here are three such resources dedicated to assisting those in need within Texas. Recognizing addiction as a medical condition is the first step toward recovery, and we're here to support that journey.

Texas Rehab Hotline

The Texas Addiction Hotline operates around the clock, providing a cost-free and confidential service for residents seeking support with addiction. By dialing (888) 515-2778, you'll reach a specialist prepared to assist. Additionally, the website is a hub for valuable resources and further information. Assistance is readily available.

LMHA Mental Health Crisis Numbers

The Texas Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provides a comprehensive directory of 24/7 crisis hotlines organized by LMHA (Local Mental Health Authority) region. Click here to access the webpage for additional details and the complete list of emergency numbers. These services are accessible to all individuals in the state experiencing mental health concerns, including those related to alcohol.

Texas 211

Through collaboration with 211 and HHS, citizens can reach out by dialing 211 or texting their zip code to 898211. This connects them with a professional equipped to assist with any mental health or substance abuse challenges. Click here for the Texas-specific 211 information page.

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The Rehab Hotline
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