The Rehab Hotline
Oregon Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Helplines

Oregon Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Helplines

In Oregon, substance abuse is a significant public health issue. According to the CDC, 20.58% of the state's population has used illicit drugs in the past month this year. In 2021, overdoses claimed the lives of 1,171 individuals. Data for the previous year is still pending.

Addiction doesn't only affect Oregon; it's a nationwide crisis. However, there are available resources to assist those struggling with this condition. Presented below are three no-cost resources for Oregonians seeking support for substance abuse issues. Recognizing addiction as a disease is the first step towards recovery, and we're here to support that journey.

Assistance for Substance Abuse in Oregon

Residents of Oregon can access support for substance abuse issues around the clock through a dedicated hotline. Assistance is available at no cost and confidentiality is assured. By dialing (888) 515-2778, individuals can speak with a knowledgeable advisor prepared to offer guidance. For additional information and resources, visit the online portal. Support is readily available.

Lines for Life

In collaboration with the Oregon Health Authority, Lines for Life offers a no-cost, private helpline available 24/7 to assist individuals facing mental health challenges, including those related to addiction. To speak with a trained professional, dial 800-273-8255, or send a text message with the words “recoverynow” to 839863. The text service operates from 2PM until 6PM on weekdays due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. For additional support and resources, including live chat services, please visit their website.

988 in Oregon

Since July of the previous year, residents of Oregon have the option to call 988 and connect with "a compassionate, highly trained counselor who can help address their issue in the least intrusive way possible," as stated on the website.

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