The Rehab Hotline
North Carolina Helplines for Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction

North Carolina Helplines for Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction

In North Carolina, substance abuse remains a significant public health issue. According to the CDC, 10.87% of the state's population has used illegal drugs in the past month. In 2021, there were 3,981 overdose deaths. Statistics for the previous year are not yet compiled.

Addiction affects not only North Carolina but also the entire United States. Help is available, however. The following are three no-cost resources for individuals dealing with substance abuse in North Carolina. Addiction is an illness, and recovery starts with self-help. We strive to contribute to this assistance.

Assistance for Substance Abuse in North Carolina

Residents of North Carolina can access support for substance abuse issues at any hour, as the Addiction Hotline operates around the clock. It's a service that's both confidential and complimentary. By dialing (888) 515-2778, individuals are put through to a compassionate expert ready to offer guidance and aid. For additional resources, visit the official website. Assistance is readily available.

Support Lines for DHHS Emergencies

The NC Department of Health and Human Services provides a detailed website featuring a list of six emergency hotlines, each serving a specific region. To view the directory, follow this link, or you can dial 800-662-7030 to contact the DHHS Customer Service Center for assistance in finding the appropriate resource.

The Coalition for Crisis Solutions

This initiative is also facilitated by the DHHS. Its purpose is to identify and apply the most effective methods for emergency care while aiming to decrease unnecessary emergency department visits and interactions with law enforcement. You can get in touch by calling 984-236-5300, or visit the Crisis Solutions website by clicking here.

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