The Rehab Hotline
New Mexico Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Hotlines

New Mexico Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Hotlines

In New Mexico, substance abuse is a significant health concern. According to the CDC, 14.13% of the state's population has used illicit drugs within the past month this year. In 2021, overdoses claimed the lives of 1,052 individuals in New Mexico. Data for the previous year is still pending.

Addiction affects not only New Mexico but also the entire nation. Help is available, however. Presented below are three resources at no cost for those dealing with substance abuse in New Mexico. Addiction is an illness, and the first step to recovery is seeking assistance. We strive to be a part of that assistance.

New Mexico Rehab Hotline

The New Mexico Addiction Hotline offers round-the-clock support and is a confidential service at no cost for residents seeking help with addiction. By dialing (888) 515-2778, you'll reach a specialist ready to provide assistance. For additional resources and information, visit the website. Assistance is readily available.

Behavioral Health Collaborative

The Behavioral Health Collaborative was established by the Human Services Department of New Mexico to enhance the mental well-being of its residents. For additional details, please contact 800-283-4465. The website provides round-the-clock online chat and also offers texting services at 505-370-7130.

New Mexico Crisis and Access Line

This helpline, supported by various state agencies, is accessible 24 hours a day to all individuals in New Mexico. By dialing 855-662-7474, you'll be connected with a professional who can offer information and resources related to preventing alcohol abuse as well as options for treatment and recovery. For further assistance, please access the website. Additionally, there's a peer-to-peer warmline open from 7 AM until 11:30 PM every day. You can reach it by calling 855-466-7100.

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The Rehab Hotline
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