The Rehab Hotline
Illinois Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Hotlines

Illinois Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Hotlines

In Illinois, substance abuse remains a pressing public health issue. According to the CDC, 12.42% of the state's population have used illegal drugs in the past month. In the year 2021, overdose fatalities reached a total of 3,762 individuals. Statistics for the previous year are still pending.

Addiction's impact extends beyond Illinois, affecting the entire nation. However, assistance is available. Presented here are three no-cost resources for battling substance abuse that Illinois inhabitants can access. Recognizing addiction as a medical condition is the first step toward recovery, and we're here to support that journey.

Illinois Rehab Hotline

Residents of Illinois can access the Addiction Hotline at any hour, day or night. This service is complimentary and confidential, ensuring privacy for those seeking help with addiction issues. By dialing (888) 515-2778, individuals are put through to a professional ready to offer support and guidance. For additional information and resources, visit the website. Assistance is readily available.

Support Line in Illinois

The Illinois Department of Human Services funds a support line that's accessible to all residents of the state, regardless of insurance status. To get in touch with a specialist, individuals can dial 833-234-6343 or send "HELP" to 833234. Assistance is available at any time. Additionally, there's a live chat option on their official site.

Chicago Area Alcoholics Anonymous - Area 19

Familiar to many, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an organization offering no-cost public meetings aimed at aiding recovery efforts. In the Chicago area, AA operates as Area 19. For details, you can reach out at 312-346-1475, available from Monday to Friday between 8AM and 5PM. Their online presence can be found on the official webpage.

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