The Rehab Hotline
Idaho Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Hotlines

Idaho Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Hotlines

In the United States, substance abuse remains a critical health issue, and Idaho is facing similar challenges. According to the CDC, this year 10.47% of the state's population admitted to using illegal drugs in the past month. In 2021, overdoses claimed the lives of 354 individuals in Idaho. Data for the previous year is still pending.

The struggle with addiction extends beyond Idaho's borders, affecting the entire nation. Help is available, however. Presented here are three no-cost resources for residents of Idaho seeking assistance with substance abuse. Recognizing addiction as a disease is the first step towards recovery, and we're here to support that journey.

Helpline for Substance Abuse in Idaho

Residents can access the Idaho Addiction Hotline at no cost and with confidentiality assured, 24 hours a day. By dialing (888) 515-2778, you'll reach a professional ready to offer support and guidance on substance abuse issues. For additional information and resources, visit the website. Assistance is available around the clock.

BPA Health

For those seeking assistance with substance abuse treatment and recovery support services, BPA Health is a resource endorsed by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Assistance can be reached at 800-922-3406 or through their online portal, accessible via their website.

Idaho Crisis Hotline

Established in 1987, the Idaho Crisis Hotline has been a non-profit resource offering free and anonymous support around the clock to residents of Idaho. Professional responders are available at 208-788-3596. For additional resources, their online presence can be found by clicking here.

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