The Rehab Hotline
Hawaii Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Helplines

Hawaii Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Helplines

In Hawaii, substance abuse stands as a significant public health issue. According to the CDC, 12.24% of the state's population has used illegal drugs in the past month. In 2021, overdoses claimed the lives of 269 individuals. While figures for the previous year aren't yet available, these statistics are alarming for a state with a relatively small number of residents.

Addiction doesn't only affect Hawaii; it's a nationwide crisis. However, there are available resources to combat this issue. Presented here are three no-cost services for substance abuse that individuals in Hawaii can access. Recognizing addiction as a medical condition is the first step towards recovery, and we're here to support that journey.

Hawaii Rehab Hotline

The Hawaii Addiction Hotline is accessible 24 hours a day, providing free and confidential support to residents seeking help with addiction. For assistance, dial (888) 515-2778 at any time to connect with a specialist ready to offer support. The website is also available, featuring useful links and additional information. Don't hesitate to reach out; support is available around the clock.

Hawai’i CARES

The Hawaiian Department of Health supports Hawai’i CARES, which serves as "a free mental health and substance use call center." This service is accessible to residents across all the Hawaiian Islands. By dialing 808-832-3100 or the toll-free number 800-753-6879, individuals are put through to a crisis screener who will then guide them to the most suitable resource.


Funded primarily by the state, the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) is a key provider for publicly funded recovery services related to substance abuse. The division's treatment initiatives aim to foster a comprehensive system of services that are culturally sensitive and address the treatment and recovery requirements of both individuals and families throughout the state. For additional details, you're encouraged to contact them at 808-692-7506.

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