The Rehab Hotline
Delaware Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Hotlines

Delaware Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction Hotlines

In the United States, addiction to substances is a critical public health issue, and Arizona's situation mirrors this national crisis. In the realm of health concerns within the state, substance abuse holds a prominent position. According to CDC findings, this year has seen 14.73% of Arizonans admitting to using illegal drugs in the past month. The year 2021 witnessed 513 individuals succumbing to overdose fatalities. While data for the subsequent year isn't accessible yet, these figures are significant given the state's modest population size.

Addiction's hold extends beyond Delaware, affecting the entirety of the nation. Help is available, nonetheless. Presented below are three resources at no cost for battling substance abuse that Delawareans can access. Recognized as a medical condition, overcoming addiction starts with taking steps toward self-help. Our goal is to facilitate that process.

Delaware Rehab Hotline

The Delaware Addiction Hotline offers round-the-clock support and is a confidential service at no cost for residents seeking help with addiction. You can reach out by dialing (888) 515-2778 at any time to speak with a professional ready to provide assistance. Additionally, the website is a valuable resource with numerous links and information. Don't hesitate to call; support is available.

Delaware Crisis Intervention

The state government sponsors crisis intervention hotlines to provide Delaware inhabitants with complimentary and confidential access to information and resources concerning substance abuse and additional mental health challenges. Residents in the northern part of Delaware, dial 800-652-2929, while those in the southern region should call 800-345-6785. For further details, you're welcome to visit the official site by clicking here.

In-State Helpline

Delawareans seeking specialized resources and advice on alcohol/substance abuse along with other mental health concerns can reach out to 302-255-9487. This helpline connects you with a state representative dedicated to providing assistance and is backed by the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

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